Every Day We Receive Consultation Requests from Recently Arrested Individuals that Need Professional Legal Representation.


Full-Service Campaign Design & Delivery

We receive new inbound case requests for help from individuals that have an upcoming court case and need professional help.

Proven Advertising for Law Firms

Most of our clients have tried online advertising and direct mail, only to be disappointed by the results. We’re the only criminal advertising company that delivers inbound case requests to you in real-time.

Multi-Region Support

We can target our advertising anywhere in the county to fit your law firm’s marketing strategy. Not seeing your county on our county-search tool? Contact us and request a custom campaign, we will be delighted to go to work for you.

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Verified Data

We have call verification and appointment setting solutions to help you spend less time prospecting and more time in court. Let us know your advertising needs.

Automated Criminal Defense Marketing

We take care of everything from ad placement to lead delivery. We can deliver leads to the email addresses of your choice and integrate directly with your CRM system. We take a consultative approach to go deeper into your sales process to deliver retainers for you and your team.

IncoundCases Pay-Per-Click Advertising Direct-Mail Marketing
State-Bar Approved.
Automated Consultation Requests To Your Inbox.
Manual Sending
Receive Requests the Same Day as Arrest.
5-7 Day Delivery
Campaign Analytics.
Difficult to Track
Targeted Towards Arrestees.
Limited Seats Available.
Affordable Flat-Fee Per County.
Variable Cost
Variable Cost

What Top Private Criminal Defense Attorneys Are Saying About Us

David Moss

“I am pleased with the flow in cases that come to my inbox on a daily basis. I constantly have new consultation requests. Please keep up the great work and consistency.”

Jennifer Katze Campbell

“I love the help and support I receive from my campaign management team. I can put my cases on hold when I go on vacation and turn them back on with ease.”

Laurel P. Landon

“You have helped me add two new attorneys to my firm this year. Thank you.”

Carlos A. Gonzalez

“I love the influx of DUI and other felony cases that InboundCases provides me on a regular basis. I don’t have to worry about not having a full caseload again.”